Intelligent control system of materials measurement        

      Xunyang intelligent material management and the control platform integrate the unattended weighbridge and intelligent system of sampling and combining, through face recognition, license plate recognition, two-dimensional code, RFID radio frequency, infrared induction and other the latest computer and Internet of things technology, business process digitalization, weighbridge process automation, centralized data management and control. The driver mobile terminal self-service operation, no need for the traditional system transceiver card operation, online queuing, improves the timeliness, avoids the traditional trouble of ordering.。

      The whole system is against human intervention, goods and counterfeit, real-time photos, video and transmission, to eliminate the vehicle on the scale of cheating. The system can monitor all the real-time data of loadometer remotely, automatically capture the scene, easily control and plug the management loopholes.In the sampling process, mobile APP, qr code, NFC smart bucket and other technologies are used to encrypted data of sampling test, in this way effectively isolate the information of each link and prevent data fraud to bring losses to the enterprise.

More and more companies use xunyang intelligent material management and control platform solutions to develop their business.

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