Xunyang equipment management system

Equipment management

Check equipment details manage equipment and accessory equipment, equipment transfer, treatment scheme, check equipment operation log and depreciation information details.

Purchasing equipment and spare parts

Manage supplier information, purchase equipment and spare parts. According to the purchasing information to generate the corresponding purchasing warehousing detail and put in storage.

Inspection and inventory

Initiate patrol plan, assign personnel, support equipment to take photos and upload, and effectively monitor equipment status. Equipment online check; inventory process is easy and convenient. 

Equipment archives and the knowledge base

Perfect equipment archives function, centralized management equipment document, instructions, records and other files. The knowledge base records maintenance information and summarizes maintenance experience

Equipment maintenance and care

Management equipment repair letter, report for review, dispatch personnel, maintenance, approval results. Set important maintenance items for different equipment to prevent accidents

Statistical analysis report

The system automatically generates detailed data reports for devices and spare parts, making device statistics simple and convenient, and you can select different report export as needed.