Reunion       cooperation 
mutual benefit     win-win

Brand values


Creating a new era of Internet services with innovation and integrity



Create a harmonious enterprise with customers, employees, enterprises and shareholders

core value

Innovation, integrity, cooperation, win-win



        Xunyang Technology is an information technology company jointly established by the “Hangzhou Jinjiang Group”, a Fortune 500 company, and a number of industry experts. The company adheres to the values of coexistence and value sharing. In-depth exploration of non-ferrous, energy, chemical, machinery and other industries, integrated consulting, implementation, development, and service processes in one solution provider and system integration service providers.

        The company's core team members have more than 10 years of industry experience. As a high-tech company, Xunyang Technology has made technological innovation the foundation of its survival and development. Investment in technology and product development company a lot of resources, has 13 software copyrights, a patent, and through ISO20000 certification, the City hi-tech SMEs and enterprises title. It has made great achievements in the fields of integration, management innovation, information planning and implementation, process reengineering, and intelligent manufacturing.

        For any information about our company or services, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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                             Service Experience

Accurately grasp customer needs and effectively land

Carefully crafted for customers, high-end original design

Transparent service price standard, product lifetime use

Provide independent background, feature-rich, help to optimize